GPRM is a proud representative for Bauku of Germany. 


Baukufounded in 1956, is the most experienced producer for profiled plastic pipes worldwide. From the very beginning, Bauku was using its own machinery for the German market. They are the world leader in spirally wound profile pipe. Creating complete solutions, cost effectively, and surpasing expectations with excellent service, dedication and consistancy.


This article explains the process of creating spirally wound extruded plastic profile pipe using one extruder mounted on a rail track which moves between winding stations, each with a collapsable steel mandrel. Further discussing the three main machine lines available from Bauku, namely the S Series, F Series and the P Series.




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Bauku offers a unique solution to pipe manufacturing by supplying three ranges of machinery. The S series, F series and the P series.

The S Series is specifically designed to make solid wall pipes for high pressure applications, most commonly made with PE100. There are two types of pipe suitable for high pressure purposes, one with a woven fibre glass net inlay (type VW+) or without fibre glass (type VW). Welding is done with a butt fusion welder, and weld sites are checked with a spark inductor wire or ultrasonic device for quality control purposes. The size of pipe extruded can range from DN 800mm up to DN 4000mm.

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The F Series is by far the most versatile extruder type Bauku has to offer. Being able to manufacture solid wall, profile pipes and fittings!

Suitable for a wide variety of pressure classes and applications. This machine range aims to attend to a small but profitable niche market, the production of fittings for large diameter pressure pipes, and the extrusion line produces solid wall short pipes, which may have different outside structures. The F series can also extrude special wall structures and is able to use a milling station for a final surface treatment.

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The P Series is the flagship machine range supplied by Bauku which produces spirally wound profile pipe (done in one layer or up to 5 layer constructions), mist commonly made of PP and PE-HD.

The sizes of pipes made can range from DN 300mm up to DN 4000mm, with a high ring stiffness, and ability to deform without breaking, this pipe is fantastic for low pressure applications like sewage, drainage, irrigation and also used for water retention tanks. A double wall system can be manufactured to ensure no leakages are possible due to an early detection technology using air pressure between the layers.

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