• Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery is the proud South African representative for over 30 plastic injection molding machinery suppliers worldwide. Here below are only two of the many companies we represent.  Please contact us for further information so that we can quote you from a supplier that has the most suitable technology to fulfill your requirements.



    • Ningbo Hission Plastics Machinery Corproation is specialised in the production of "Hission" brand high-grade plastic injection molding machines, upholding the motto of "advancement in the way of science and technology, manufacturing high-grade machines'. The business philosophy is to persue excellence and mold with perfection.


  • Hisson fax email.02





  • Huarong of Taiwan, has a good reputation in the industry as a reliable supplier of quality machinery at affordable prices.


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  • Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery can provide you with the latest technology in horizontal injection moulding machinery, as listed below;
  1. From 90 to 4000 ton clamp force.
  2. Shot size up to 60 kg.
  3. FILO and FIFO options. (FIFO = First In First Out; FILO = First In Last Out).
  4. Energy saving option on all machines.
  5. Complete turnkey lines including moulds designed using Mould Flow.


Please contact our SALES department for a quote or further information.


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