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Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery represents a variety of companies who supply machinery to manufacture solid wall pipes suitable for high pressure applications.


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The S-series by Bauku extrudes solid wall HDPE pipes with or without a fiber glass woven net inlay. These pipes can be manufactured from sizes 400mm (internal diameter) up until and including 3000mm (internal diameter). This pipe is ideal for low external loads and high inside pressure purposes. The solid construction offers a high strength against tensile stresses in the pipe wall. Depending on the product and application, the line is able to use three different materials in one die head. The HDPE 100 is standard for high pressure pipes and is normally delivered in a black color. A special colored material (for example light blue) can be added for the inside layer of the pipe and a glass fiber strip may be added in the die head for higher pressure applications.  

Type VW does not have the fiber glass woven net inlay.Type VW+ is made with a layer of fiber glass woven net inlay.

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For an easy welding of the pipes later on the job site, a product made from HDPE only is the best choice. In case the glass fiber is added, a special end design of the pipes is provided by the machine, in order to keep fiber away from the welding area. Using HDPE 100, the 10 bar pressure rate is limited up to a diameter of 2400mm. Adding the fiber glass woven net inlay, the 10 bar will reach its limit at diameter 3000mm.




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