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GPRM can supply machinery and equipment from a wide range of suppliers/manufacturers including but not limited to:

GPRM is a proud representative of many companies worldwide, below are a few examples:

HP Compounding (Germany) Co-rotating twin-screw compounding machinery.
Huarong (Taiwan) High quality and servo-controlled plastic injection moulding machines.
NFM (USA) Screws, barrels and feed sections for a large range of rubber extruders as well as rubber extruders.
X-Compound (Switzerland) Reciprocating screw (Buss Type) compounding systems.
Tai-Shin (Taiwan) Fibre re-enforced FPVC hose lines, 4 strand conduit lines, and high-speed optic fibre lines, with swarfless cutters.
Graewe (Germany) High-speed coilers.
Link Plastic Machinery (China) High-density polyethylene and PVC pipe and profiles.
Ningbo Haixiong Plastics Machinery (China) Low cost, high-quality plastic injection moulding machinery with servo-control systems.
Bauku (Germany) Spirally wound PP and PE-HD profile pipe for drainage, sewage or liquid retention purposes. Solid wall PE pipe with or without fibreglass woven net inlay for high-pressure purposes. Fittings and complete solutions are also available.
ShiJiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machinery (China) Laboratory grade testing equipment to ensure quality production and maintain standards.
Chun Tai Machinery (Taiwan) Pelletizing, washplants and extruders

Zhongyun Tech

Corrugated Pipe.

Technical Support:

Gers Plastics and Rubber Machinery have a deep understanding of all polymers and their respective processing, mould design, die design, screw design, recycling and life cycle properties. We are able to assist our customers above and beyond any in the industry with the aid of our expert technicians.

If you have polymer flow problems, we have innovative products to get the melt moving.

Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery is the proud South African agent for Chun Tai of Taiwan.


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Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery is now the proud South African agent for Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machinery.


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Shanghai Link Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd. and Zhoushan Link Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd. are both part of the Link group. Specialized in the development, production and sales of extrusion equipment.

"Profession on production, concentration on demand, devotion to service" is the motto of the Link group.




GPRM is a proud representative for Bauku of Germany. 


Baukufounded in 1956, is the most experienced producer for profiled plastic pipes worldwide. From the very beginning, Bauku was using its own machinery for the German market. They are the world leader in spirally wound profile pipe. Creating complete solutions, cost effectively, and surpasing expectations with excellent service, dedication and consistancy.

This article explains the process of creating spirally wound extruded plastic profile pipe using one extruder mounted on a rail track which moves between winding stations, each with a collapsable steel mandrel. Further discussing the three main machine lines available from Bauku, namely the S Series, F Series and the P Series.



Gers Plastics & Rubber Machinery is pleased to offer not only our wide turnkey extruder range but also PVC houses developed in Israel and now made on extruders which we supply in South Africa.

 The houses are beautiful and highly durable, requiring little/no maintenance. 

No 1 PVC Housing and Extruders


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