Situated in Pretoria, Gers Plastics and Rubber Machinery (GPRM) CC, founded by John Gers in 1996, is a well-established supplier of imported machinery for the plastics and rubber industries of Southern Africa.

In addition, GPRM supplies specialized technical support for current lines and assistance with upgrading machinery and increasing productivity.

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GPRM is a proud representative of many companies world-wide, below are a few examples:

HP Compounding (Germany)
Co-rotating twin screw compounding machinery.
Huarong (Taiwan)
High quality and servo-controlled plastic injection moulding machines.
Screws, barrels and feed sections for a large range of rubber extruders as well as rubber extruders.
X-Compound (Switzerland)
Reciprocating screw (BUSS Type) compounding systems.
Tai-Shin (Taiwan)
Fiber re-enforced FPVC hose lines, 4 strand conduit lines, high speed optic fiber lines and swarefless cutters.
Graewe (Germany)
High speed coilers. 
Zhoushan Link Plastic Machinery (China)
High density polyethylene and PVC pipe and profiles
Ningbo HaiXiong Plastics Machinery (China)
Low cost, high quality injection moulding machinery with servo-control systems.
Bauku (Germany)
Specialized extruders with collapsible mandrels making spirally wound profile pipe(PP / PE), and solid wall pipe for high pressure purposes(HDPE).
ShiJiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machinery (China)
Laboratory grade testing equipment to ensure quality production and maintain standards.
Chun Tai Machinery (Taiwan)
Peletizers, wash plants and extruders.
Technical support:
Gers Plastics and Rubber Machinery has a deep understanding of all polymers and their respective processing, mould design, die design, screw design, recycling and life cycle properties. We are able to support our customers after purchase of machinery should they have technical difficulties, or require assistance.